Bindery progress & farewell to BookWorks

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So, I’m starting this Book-arts ‘thing’ in La Conner and my number one inspiration is this place in Asheville, North Carolina called Asheville BookWorks. I even encourage each artist I invite to look them up, if they don’t know about it. Today I got a newsletter conveying the news that after 10 very successful and productive years, they are moving on. I had to feel sad for a few minutes, although I know I will have to face a similar choice at some point, no matter what happens this year or in the years to come. I wrote to them to tell them about my very humble project, for which the seed was planted when I visited BookWorks in 2012. I wish them the best, for sure! Here are their original visions, which were quite successfully accomplished, and I shall adopt them as my own.

Book, Paper & Ink Arts’ mission:

  1. Build a creative environment to practice print and book arts and offer education to anyone interested in learning those art forms.
  2. Raise awareness of print and book arts in our region through classes, events, exhibits, visiting artists and lecturers.
  3. Create a culture of print and book artists.

Meanwhile, I’ve been painting walls. Bumpy, funny Victorian walls with old wallpaper and 100+ years of paint and problems and TONS of elaborate, wooden trim. Despite that, I’ve never been happier. Battling doubt and fear at every turn, but feeling alive and excited. Here are some shots of the space in progress. I’ll be open to the public, unofficially, in 4 weeks!


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