A book cover can be anything

I’ve tried making book covers from all sorts of materials and I’d love to try lots more things I haven’t even thought of yet, I’m sure. I was looking through photos and thought it would be fun to gather some variety in one spot.

Top to bottom: Bee Book, wasp paper; Old & New, antique book cover w/ green leather; Chats Rocks and IPA, Guemes Island ferry tickets; White Oak book, embossed handmade cotton paper; Hemlock Book, embossed and colored handmade cotton paper; Cloud book, embossed handmade cotton paper; Winter Island, Madrone bark; Small Cedar Book, froe-split Western Red Cedar; Old Ways Book 1 & 2, Sycamore (2017 & 2019); Deluxe Oak Journal, fired and painted ceramic (2 views); Lunar Journal, fired and painted ceramic; Steampunk Book, glass & metal (plumber’s tape); Prayer Book, painted wood; Ferdinand, flexible wood (and plywood box).