Book, Paper & Ink Arts in La Conner

OK! I am completely immersed in this project and set to open unofficially on Friday, March 23. As of March 14th, here are a list of participating artists who have already sent work, are about to, or who are scheduled to bring it by in person…many more have said “yes” but I’m not sure what their plans are. As I’ve learned from many years on the Board for the Lopez Artist Guild, trying to organize Artists is like ‘herding cats’, as they say.

  • Tiger Food Press, original art letterpress
  • Kelsey Pike, zines and handmade paper
  • Ruth Van Doren, handmade paper and books
  • Tim Panagos, pen & ink
  • Rivkah Sweedler, folk & primitive arts
  • Press to Play, letterpress
  • Clever Hands, bookbinding kits and journal bandoliers
  • Bad Penny, letterpress
  • Dory D. Nies, watercolor/paper arts
  • Melody Eckroth, original art cards
  • Jennifer Gottwald, printing
  • …and me, Brenna Jael, bookbinding, decorative papers, stationery & original art

I’m still looking specifically for book-artists and paper-makers (or marblers?) from Skagit or nearby areas! I hope to change the low occurrence of these crafts around here. This shop will have more than just stuff for sale. Stay tuned for some really fun projects we are developing, that will make this place a memorable experience for visitors.

It’s going to take a while to get this all set up, but eventually I’ll feature a list of artists with links to their own websites. For now, you can look most of them up on your own, except for Rivkah; she definitely doesn’t use computers. Please have patience as this project evolves, and stay tuned for updates!

Dress Rehearsal Opening: March 23, 11 am – 6 pm

Opening Party: Saturday March 31, 3 pm – close



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